Broke East African Singers Failed to Protect Their Work

The Internet has made it tough for any anyone to protect an intellectual property. Western artists with resources are better equipped to fight internet piracy. Artists from East Africa appear to have waved a white flag and gone home. Music And Video Streaming Sites

Mini-YouTubes and Mini-Spotifies have become mom-and-pop shops. Whether these sites are for a hobby or a business, they are less likely to help the copyright owners.

The West Condemns Ethiopia’s Dictatorial Regime

The darling of the West in East Africa — Ethiopia has faced unprecedented public uprising since early November of last year, due to protests against Addis Ababa Integrated Urban Development Plan. The criticisms by the United States and the European Union is getting louder by the day. The United States and United Kingdom are the two biggest aid providers to Ethiopia. Ethiopia has been receiving £300 million each year from UK in aid money. The United States provided $870,054,350 in 2012 alone.

Ethiopia: Droning Politics

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia- The U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa has confirmed this week to The Reporter, Ethiopian news site that a drone base in Ethiopia is closed. The latest development has East African politicos speculating. The statement from the spokesperson of the United States Embassy, David Kennedy to The Reporter via email says, “ we reached a mutual decision that our presence in Arba Minch is not required at this time,” he continued, “ our mutual needs change over time and a determination was made that our use of facilities in Arba Minch is no longer necessary.”

Recently, Ethiopia has been mired in a protracted mass protest which involved people from every walks of life — farmers to university students who have been demanding the government stop its ambitious plan to expand the capital to the surrounding towns at the expense of farmers in the area. Opposition groups and human rights activists say, more than 120 civilians were killed by Ethiopian security forces. They also claim the government detained thousands of protesters.

Hacktivists Vandalize Ethiopian Government Website

An unknown group hacked and vandalized Ethiopian Ministry of Defense website. Graphic images from the recent Oromo student protests were posted on the site. Oromo students and farmers have been protesting Addis Ababa Masterplan, a plan to integrate the surrounding Oromia towns into the capital since late November. Ethiopian security forces have killed as many as 60 peaceful protesters, according to activists’ estimate, even though Ethiopian government admitted to killing only five. In recent years, Ethiopian government has been in the news for hiring an upscale Italian hacker group named Hacking Team to spy on Ethiopian diaspora and journalists.

Western Media Hire Pawns as Reporters

It is hard for people in East Africa to get western media’s attention. It is even harder when the latter’s freelance reporters suppress flow of information, or choose to ignore facts on the ground. Two of such freelancers are currently reporting from Ethiopia: William Davison and Elias Meseret. Ethiopia is notorious for expelling foreign journalists if it suspects they would not be influenced. Ethiopia ranks at the bottom when it comes to press freedom.