About Us

The Horn Post is an online news site that primarily reports on the politics, business, science and technology, health, entertainment and sports in the Horn of Africa. The Horn Post is created in an attempt to fill the independent press gap that is created by intimidation and harassment of journalists and bloggers by governments in East Africa. Established in 2015 and operated by immigrants from East Africa who currently reside in the United States of America and Europe, it strives to bring reliable news from the Horn to the worldwide audience. The Horn Post publishes reports from citizen journalists where there is a scarcity of professional journalists provided that they are supported by verifiable images. While the news published on this site is researched as much as possible before publishing, the views and opinions are not. The latter are views of the respective authors, and The Horn Post is not responsible for their contents.

In the Horn of Africa, journalism has become a crime (albeit undeclared).

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