Ethiopian Towns Rocked By Protests

On Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015, young Oromo protesters demanding a halt to Addis Ababa Integrated Regional Development plan, also known as Addis Ababa Master Plan, swarmed Ambo and Mendi towns, located in the western parts of Ethiopia. According to social media updates, roads were blocked by burning tires and rocks in Mendi, a town located 350 miles to the west of Addis Ababa, in Oromia Regional State. Similar protests were happening in Ambo town, located 78 miles to the west of Addis Ababa. More than two dozens of students and residents of this town were killed by Ethiopian security forces in 2014 when they protested against the same project.

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Kenya Moves Defense Forces to Ethiopian Border

Ethio-Kenya is an odd couple. Even though the war on terrorism keeps them together, there is always a skirmish on the porous border; often times fight over grazing lands among tribes living around the border of the two nations. This time, Ethiopian soldiers crossed the border and killed three Kenyan policemen. It prompted the deployment of Kenyan Defense Force. The two nations are as friendly as any neighboring countries could get.

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Eritrea – Africa’s North Korea

Secretive Nation

Eritrea, the 22-year-old nation navigated a treacherous terrain to get to its independence in May 1993. From Italian colonial control-to-British administrative control-to-full annexation by Ethiopia, and then independence, it had been a contentious land. Despite Eritreans’ hope that the nation would be democratic and prosperous, their country is leading from behind in almost every metrics but leads in secrecy. Isaias Afwerki turned out to be Africa’s Kim Jong-Un, short of the nuclear weapon. This Horn of Africa nation is one of the most secretive nations in the world.

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Diaspora’s Oromo Community Urges Lawsuit

WASHINGTON–In the wake of The Horn Post’s Report that linked the World Bank Group and Grand Lyon to the Addis Ababa Master Plan, a prominent member of Oromo Community in the United States urges a class action lawsuit. The member shared the letter he sent to International Oromo Lawyers Association (IOLA) with The Horn Post. International Oromo Lawyers Association is a professional association found in 2014, and legally registered in the United States, according to its website. The letter writer asked The Horn Post to redact the names. Dear fiends [sic] at IOLA,

I would like to begin this short note by congratulating you on your successful achievement of establishing International Oromo Lawyers Association.

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Addis Ababa Master Plan

A Partnership between France And The World Bank In Gentrification and Inhumane Mission
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia–France with the help of the World Bank has embarked on missions that destroyed many lives in some African countries. One of those countries in which this duo operates is Ethiopia. Mali, Burkina Faso and Benin are the other victims of the “urbanization for the 21st century,” which mainly advocates building cities around public transportation. In May 2014, university student protesters of Oromo ethnic origin took to the streets of Ethiopia in opposition to the “Integrated Development Master Plan.” Some student protesters quoted by social media activists dubbed it “a master killer,” because dozens of students and people who protested were gunned down by Ethiopian security forces. Some of them pointed to its “unconstitutionality,” saying it encroaches on Oromia’s land.

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Ethiopian Calendar Belongs In A Museum

Happy 2008 to Ethiopia! We urge the nation to get even with the world, at least at counting. Based on the Coptic Calendar, Ethiopian Calendar has 13 months; twelve of them with 30 days each and the last one with 5 except in a leap year when it adds the 6th day. Ethiopian New Year approximately marks the end of the rainy season. If you are wondering why seven or eight years behind, you are not alone.

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Temper Wardrums In The Horn

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia–Eritrea and Ethiopia, the two neighboring countries in the Horn of Africa, have been in a perpetual standoff since the former seceded from the latter in the early 90s. Even though the animosity dates back to Italy’s colonial era, it got worse during the 1998-2000 border war. In recent weeks, the situation has become more tense as both sides are trying to rattle one another. On Monday, September 7, 2015, Eritrea’s information ministry released a statement accusing the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) –Ethiopia’s ruling party of “sabre-rattling”. “The TPLF’s sabre-rattling has been a common staple throughout winter.

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Ethiopia is hungry again

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia–Right after the visit by Barack Obama, the President of the United States, the familiar images of the 80s Ethiopia started emerging from the caves of the web sphere. The American president hailed the “growing” economy. He praised the “democratically elected” government. What he could not see was happening only 240 miles from where he was watching the well-nourished professional dancers. In Afar Region, in the northeastern part of Ethiopia, the only available food was for the vultures, per social media reports and eye-witness accounts.

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EFFORT Rehabilitates Tigray

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia–The late prime minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi could be smiling from his grave. His dream of forever-nourished Tigreans has become reality. Tigray is one of Ethiopia’s regional states with unfavorable weather and land for agriculture. As a result, the region was a victim of recurring food crisis until Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), currently ruling Ethiopia, took power. As it is often the case in most African countries, there has never been a peaceful relay of power in Ethiopia.

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