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A Different Kind Of Reportáž

Dear Readers,

We are happy to introduce The Horn Post to you as an independent media that covers stories from the Horn of Africa. The Horn Post will focus on consequential stories that would expose injustice, inform the public, and promote fairness and accountability. We will be blunt. Most of the news from the Horn of Africa has never been presented in a global context.

We are not conspiracy thoerists, but we are going into this with the assumption that there is a daddy, a buddy or both, rewarding bad behaviors of every spoiled child. That child could be a dictatorial regime in Africa with a buddy in Washington who chose not to enforce own laws and principles. That child could be a brewery in East Africa with a daddy in the Netherlands with international brand recognition. However, we have no doubt that we would be wrong about some of the institutions we may choose to report on.

Dictatorial regimes do not often make the weapons they train on their own citizens. Most of the suppliers of those weapons operate from the developed nations. Luckily for us, justice seekers in one corner of the world do not have to wait for an airplane to land to get their copy of newspapers.

In the era of instant news and social media, consumers of news—voters and customers are empowered. Fighting injustice could sometimes mean fighting the associates of the offenders. Exposing these associates could sometimes mean damaging their financial interests, which in turn could make them back away from supporting dictators. We might not have the power and resource to fight all the bad players, but we may make examples out of some of them.

Instead of focusing on sensational stories, we would like to dive deeper. Instead of gossip, we would like to do investigative reporting. All while we favor investigative reporting, we will not ignore timely, and newsworthy stories.

Either of these stories comes from you, via social media or tips. Even in the deeper reporting we plan to do, your tips are invaluable. We cannot be in all places at once; we will rely on you. We’ll follow up on your tips. No tip is insignificant.

Here, we explained how you can send news tips to The Horn Post.

Happy Reading!