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Ethiopia Kills Unarmed Students

Ethiopian Security Forces Mercilessly Murdered Protesting Students

According to various sources, Ethiopian security forces killed at least seven students in the last two weeks. High school and university students of Oromo ethnic origin took to the streets in protest of Addis Ababa Integrated Regional Development Plan, which they dubbed “Master Killer,” in reference to the exploitation and displacement of Oromo farmers.

These protests have been cropping up in towns and universities in Oromia Regional state (the largest regional state in Ethiopia) with less organization but similar theme. They’re all opposed to the Addis Ababa Master Plan. Ethiopian security forces are known for their heavy handedness when responding to peaceful protests. The strategy has worked many times in the past. They kill protest organizers and leaders in broad daylight to scare the rest of the young men and women.

According to social media activists and other media reports, these protests led to invasion of university campuses by Ethiopian federal forces and Oromia police. Many students were brutally beaten and taken to unknown locations by federal police. Activists are concerned the lives of these students could be in jeopardy.

While The Horn Post is not able to confirm the fatalities, the list of students killed by Ethiopian forces is growing.


Bekele Seboka, whose funeral video (featured above) is circulating on social media, later died in a hospital. The slogans heard in Afaan Oromoo are partially and roughly translated as follows:

Bekele Seboka is our hero.

Beatings, killings and imprisonments won’t hold us back.

A fighter dies; the struggle continues.

Oromia belongs to Oromo.

By shedding our blood, by grinding our bones, we will secure our rights.

We won’t tolerate the master plan imposed on us…

(Translation by HornPost Staff)