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Kenya Moves Defense Forces to Ethiopian Border

Ethio-Kenya is an odd couple. Even though the war on terrorism keeps them together, there is always a skirmish on the porous border; often times fight over grazing lands among tribes living around the border of the two nations. This time, Ethiopian soldiers crossed the border and killed three Kenyan policemen. It prompted the deployment of Kenyan Defense Force.

The two nations are as friendly as any neighboring countries could get. The friendship line is strong, between Nairobi and Addis Ababa, leaving the conflict resolutions for the frequent clashes at the border to the local elders.

On Friday, Nov. 20, 2015, the acting police commander of Marsabit County, Mark Wanjala told the Daily Nation that Ethiopian soldiers ambushed Kenyan police officers who were on patrol and killed three of them.

The reason for the latest clash is allegedly the result of Ethiopian soldiers’ pursuit of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) fighters into Kenya. If OLF had any activity in East Africa, it is this kind of sporadic ambush on Ethiopian soldiers on the border, and retreat into Kenya.

Even though it is in the interest of both nations’ to keep OLF at bay, Ethiopia is more determined to do so. According to Daily Nation, Ethiopian soldiers have crossed Kenyan border at least five times since March of this year. Kenyan police officers are the most corrupt in East Africa, some claim in the whole continent. A handful of people would be surprised if Kenyan police shielded both OLF and Ethiopian security forces one at a time.

Sololo Officer Commanding Police Division, Benjamin Mwanzia told Standard Digital that military had been deployed to guard against further incursions by Ethiopian forces.